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The Community of Lakeside is
located in the western foothills of the Cuyamaca Mountains on the San Diego
River about 21 miles east of downtown San Diego. Six thousand six-hundred
(6,600) acres of the Rancho El Cajon land grant were purchased by the El Cajon
Valley Land Company in 1886. The company mapped the area as a townsite, naming
it Lakeside after Lindo Lake which is located near the Town Center. 

Lakeside was essentially a rural community until the
1950s, when growth began to surge. Lakeside’s rural atmosphere was very
attractive to those seeking escape from the more densely settled areas of
central San Diego; and, with the completion of Interstate 8, convenient access
was provided to the employment centers to the west. The resulting
suburbanization of Lakeside became a prime concern of the residents and in 1970
the Board of Supervisors approved creation of the Lakeside Community Planning

Lakeside has long held a reputation as a
“cowboy town” and “rodeo town,” due to the rural setting, the prevalence of
ranches and the abundant horse ownership in the area.

desire to maintain a rural type of lifestyle has affected the way in which
Lakeside has developed. A considerable amount of small-scale farming still
exists in the community and many homes in the residential areas of Lakeside
have small horse corrals evidencing a relatively high degree of horse
ownership. Maintaining and enhancing the rural imagery of the area would be an
important consideration for those wishing to develop in Lakeside.

Families moving to Lakeside will find a range of
educational opportunities for their children. The city is served by several
well-regarded public and private schools that prioritize academic excellence
and student development. The close-knit community fosters a supportive
environment for education and extracurricular activities.

home — big, small, apartment or vacation home — gets dirty. And while there’s
not just one way to clean your living space, there is a smarter way to get the
job done. Take this guided tour of your home — from the kitchen and bathroom to
the bedroom and living areas — to learn the basic rules of cleaning as well as
some tips and short cuts that will help you clean thoroughly and efficiently,
starting now.

If your
toilet flushes slowly, the rinse holes under the rim may be clogged with
mineral deposits. (Get a 
refresher on the parts of a toilet.) Use a hand mirror to see the holes under the
rim of the toilet. Bend a coat hanger flat and probe the tip into the holes to
poke out any deposits. You can clean out those clogged holes without ever
getting your hands dirty.

If your lampshades look a little fuzzy, give them a quick clean with a
sticky lint roller. For pleated shades, use a disposable microstatic duster or
a new paintbrush to lift away the dust.

Almost all pillows can and should be washed regularly to remove dust mites, body oils, and dander. The
exception are 
solid-foam pillows that must be spot-cleaned only because they cannot
withstand the agitation action in the washer.

Use the power of steam to kill dust
mites and 
freshen your mattress. Choose a sunny, breezy day for cleaning so the mattress
will be dry by bedtime. If you don’t own a steamer, you can also sprinkle the
bed with baking soda, leave it for a few hours, then vacuum it away.

If your bathroom fan is too noisy to
use, it’s 
time to clean it well. Removing dust from the blades can quiet a fan and provide
better ventilation in the bathroom.

recent study has revealed that reusable water bottles
hold 40,000x more bacteria than toilet seats. Morgan Eberhard, a senior
scientist at P&G, told us that he recommends cleaning your reusable water
bottle at least once a day by taking advantage of a dishwasher’s hot water and
a powerful detergent like 
Cascade Platinum Plus. 
Make sure to take apart all the water bottle’s parts
(caps, bite valves, etc.) and check that it is dishwasher safe. The top rack is
always best for smaller parts. 

We would be lost without our electronic
devices, but the screens on your 
phonelaptop, and computer monitor should be cleaned regularly to improve your screen
time. Use the best lint-free tools and never spray any type of liquid directly
on the screen.

Blankets, pillows, slipcovers, drapes and other textiles not
only trap household dust, but they create it as they shed and disintegrate.
Curtains and drapes, in particular, get dusty because they absorb moisture and
dirt from the outside and act as a landing pad for dust from ceiling fans and air
vents. The best idea for how to clean dust is to buy machine-washable
items and launder them twice a year (OK, at least once). For
non-machine-washable textiles, throw them in the dryer on the air-fluff setting
(no heat) for 20 minutes with a damp towel. The damp towel will attract pet
hair, and the tumbling movement and airflow will remove the smaller particles
for you.

If you have glass shower doors in your bathroom and don’t
keep on top of the cleaning, you can end up with soap scum so tough that it’s
nearly impossible to remove. Here’s how to 
clean your bathroom better — bring out the heavy equipment. Pick up some
polishing compound at a home center or an auto parts store and use an auto
buffer to polish off the offending scum. If you don’t own a buffer, you can buy
one for as little as $20 or borrow one from a gearhead friend. If possible,
remove the doors and take them out to the garage to avoid messing up the
bathroom. House cleaning in Lakeside is always a real treat. We love cleaning the homes in Lakeside. Many are about average 1500 sq ft but with big lots. It is a lot more rural so you see more rural type things on peoples properties.