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Military Housing in San Diego, CA | The Village at Serra Mesa

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Serra Mesa Cleaning ServicesSerra Mesa is a community in San DiegoCalifornia, roughly between Interstate 805 and Interstate 15, north of Friars Road and south of Aero Drive. It is named for Junípero Serra, a Majorcan (Spain) Franciscan friar who founded the Mission San Diego de Alcalá. Adjacent communities include Kearny MesaTierrasanta, Mission Valley, and Linda Vista.

The community has a population of about 24,000 people, with 8,374 housing units, most of them single-family.

The area was originally part of the Mission Rancho Lands of San Diego granted to the Catholic Church by the King of Spain. When the Missions were secularized by Mexico in 1834, the land was deeded over to various men, including Don Santiago Argüello, who eventually divided and sold some 15,999 acres (65 km2) of land.

More modern development of the community began after the Korean War, when the Navy built its Cabrillo Heights housing project in the early 1950s.

The Serra Mesa Community Planning Area also includes the Lincoln (formerly Cabrillo) Navy Housing, Cabrillo Village, Cabrillo Heights, Mission Village, and Birdland neighborhoods. Birdland is home to three hospitals (Sharp Memorial, Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women and Newborns, and Rady Children’s), including two of the six designated trauma centers in San Diego County as well as the only women’s hospital and the only hospital dedicated solely to pediatric care. Six acres of the Civita development (formerly Quarry Falls), and the western slope of Murphy Canyon fall within Zip Code 92123. The Escala development, along with Fenton Parkway (Costco) are part of Mission Valley (92108), but feed into the Taft Middle School service area.

In 2008, the Serra Mesa Community Council sued the city of San Diego for approving construction of Palladium at Aero, a large development that they said was out of scale with the neighborhood, without requiring an environmental impact report. The lawsuit was settled with some concessions on the part of the developer, and construction went ahead in 2013

Schools in Serra Mesa include Will Angier Elementary School, Harry M. Wegeforth Elementary School, John Paul Jones Elementary School, Ellwood P. Cubberley Elementary School, Benito Juarez Elementary School, and William Howard Taft Middle School. Students in Serra Mesa usually then go on to attend Kearny High School. Fletcher Elementary School serves the Birdland community. Fletcher Elementary students move on to Montgomery Middle School in Linda Vista (San Diego 92111) and Kearny High School. All of these schools belong to the San Diego Unified School District. Residents of Juvenile Hall attend classes administered by the San Diego County Board of Education. The San Diego Unified School District maintains an Instructional Materials office in Birdland. St. Columba Catholic Church operates a parochial school (K-8). The San Diego Hebrew Day School (K-8) is located on Afton Road. The San Diego Community College District operates its North City Campus at 8401 Aero Drive.

Ruffin Canyon Open Space Preserve is 84 acres (340,000 m2) of native habitat, running north and south nearly the length of Serra Mesa. This canyon preserve is being restored by a local group called the Friends of Ruffin Canyon.

The Serra Mesa Community Center has a small community park which includes a ball field, two playgrounds for young children, an outdoor basketball court, and an indoor basketball court. The recreation center offers after-school and seasonal activities for children. This park is located near Wegeforth Elementary School and St. Columba Church. Murray Ridge Park is near the intersection of Murray Ridge Road and Mission Center Road, at the west end of Celestine Avenue. Cabrillo Park is between Angier Elementary School and Highway 805. It includes ball fields, large lawns, and a playground.

Every home — big, small, apartment or vacation home — gets dirty. And while there’s not just one way to clean your living space, there is a smarter way to get the job done. Take this guided tour of your home — from the kitchen and bathroom to the bedroom and living areas — to learn the basic rules of cleaning as well as some tips and short cuts that will help you clean thoroughly and efficiently, starting now.

Microfiber cloths excel at putting the finishing touches on mirrors, countertops, and even tile and fixtures. After cleaning surfaces with your favorite cleaning solution and drying them off with a terry cloth rag or a separate microfiber cloth, polish them to a mirror finish with a dry microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloths are perfect for this because they pick up dust, wipe off smudges and don’t shed any fibers. You’ll find microfiber cloths wherever cleaning supplies are sold and they’ll help you know how to clean your bathroom better. You can also buy them in bulk at wholesale clubs and use them throughout your house for all kinds of other cleaning chores. They’re one of the best home cleaning products you can get. If you have laminate countertops, follow these steps for a perfectly clean surface.

Has your sponge holder developed mold or bacterial buildup? Use a toothbrush dipped in bleach or white vinegar — but never both, as the combination creates a dangerous chemical reaction — to scrub away mold. Follow by washing the sponge caddy with hot, soapy water or run it through the dishwasher.


Wipe your counter and stovetops with an all-purpose cleaner after use. Stovetops in particular benefit from this type of regular, quick cleaning, as splatters, drips and grease become baked on when left too long.

How to clean a stovetop: Something tough will be required to scour away baked-on splatters and greasy film. A Dobie Pad, which is a nonscratch scrubbing sponge, combined with a gentle powder cleanser will make short work of stubborn messes. When cleaning stainless steel, scrub with the grain, rather than in a circular motion, to avoid scratching, and use a gentle touch, allowing the product, rather than force, to do the bulk of the cleaning work.

More than half of household dust enters your home through windows, doors, vents and on the soles of your shoes. Think about where you walk all day long (restrooms, city streets, construction sites, etc.) and all the bacteria and debris your shoes collect. Do you really want to track that inside? An EPA study of homes where a doormat was added at the entrance and shoes were banned indoors showed a 60 percent reduction of lead dust and other contaminants in the home, as well as a significant reduction of allergens and bacteria. Your first line of defense for how to remove dust from air should be a coarse-fiber heavy-duty doormat placed outside exterior doors. Inside, have everyone remove shoes at the door. Keep a bench, a shoe rack and a basket of cheap slippers available so no one has to walk around in their stocking feet on chilly floors.

Clean those narrow-necked jars and vases with small gravel (aquarium gravel works the best). Fill one-third of the jar with water. Add a handful of gravel, and then stir and shake the jar. The gravel will scour the inside of the jar clean. Dump the gravel into a strainer, give it a quick rinse (so it doesn’t stink!) and save it for next time. You’ll wonder why you didn’t think of that yourself! Do you ever find yourself chasing strands of wet hair or running into dust balls in the corners with your sponge or cleaning rag? You can learn how to clean your bathroom better and eliminate this nuisance by vacuuming the bathroom before you get out your cleaning solutions. For a really thorough cleaning, start at the top, vacuuming the dust from light fixtures and the top of window casings. Then work your way down. And finally, vacuum the floor methodically so you cover every inch. You don’t want to leave any stray hair or dust bunnies to muck up your cleaning water. A soft-bristle upholstery brush works best for this type of vacuuming. House cleaning in Serra Mesa is always a real pleasure. We love house cleaning in Serra Mesa.