Sentimental Cleaning

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Thank you for the opportunity to assist you with your house cleaning needs. The following outlines the terms and conditions of our arrangement between you and Sentimental Cleaning.

Sentimental Cleaning reserves the right to refuse service if there is uncomfortability. Sentimental Cleaning if hired and the condition of the residence is poor and no cleaning can make it look new again we are not responsible and still need to get paid regardless. If client changes the scope of work on site, we must still get paid the original full amount agreed-upon, even if no services are rendered. 

When hiring us by the hour if the work we complete is not “done” we still get paid regardless. At that point we can continue service but by hour with additional charges. The checklist is what we abide by unless written changes are made and both parties agree to it. We do things outside of the checklist when providing add on services such as windows, baseboards, inside fridge but both parties again must agree to changes. We do clean windows as part of our add on services however we do not use a latter to clean with due to safety concerns. Sentimental Cleaning offers free corrections made on site an only immediately after walk through. Once walk through is completed we charge 25.00 to come back. If cancelation is made with less than 24 hours no deposit will be returned. 

These Terms of Service are in effect starting 20th March 2022.