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Basic clean by Sentimental Cleaning

What is a basic clean? Here at Sentimental Cleaning we love our basic clean choice. Our basic clean is very thorough in comparison to others! A basic clean is like a maintenance cleaning in a sense you are thorough with the cleaning but nothing is wiped in interiors. An exterior cleaning as well as an interior cleaning is commonly done with our deep clean. This is primarily what sets apart the deep clean from the basic clean. If you need a deep clean because you want inside cabinets, baseboards, inside oven etc done this is the best option for you. Our basic clean is a cleaning with Sentimental Cleaning like no other. Who do you know that does baseboards on a basic clean? We do! Talk about price, we are very reasonable and charge based on square footage of the home. We do also charge for add ons during a basic clean which a consumer can add willingly if they desire to best accommodate their needs. So when you’re in the market for a basic clean please trust Sentimental Cleaning for your house cleaning needs.