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Basic clean by Sentimental Cleaning

What is a basic clean? Here at Sentimental Cleaning we love our basic clean choice. Our basic clean is very thorough in comparison to others! A basic clean is like a maintenance cleaning in a sense you are thorough with the cleaning but nothing is wiped in interiors. An exterior cleaning as well as an … Read more

Cleaning hacks by Sentimental Cleaning

Today I’d like to talk about a cleaning hack that we use in our daily basic, deep, move in, construction cleanings. This hack is primarily used for basic and deep cleanings however. Do you ever find yourself with a shower door that has hard water stains all over it? I’ve come up with a solution … Read more

Does the rising interest rate indirectly effect house cleaning by Sentimental Cleaning

In today’s market the rising interest rate has decreased buying power for many families looking to purchase real estate making the American Dream for home ownership nearly impossible. As a result less people are buying and selling real estate thus keeping the inventory of properties for sale very low. Moreover, with lack of inventory switching … Read more

Floors by Sentimental Cleaning

Here at Sentimental Cleaning we clean floors as part of our basic clean, deep clean, move in clean, post construction clean ups. When it comes to floor care we pride ourselves in taking extreme care of yours when it comes to residential and commercial cleanings. Floors are the last to be cleaned during any cleaning … Read more

Carpet cleaning by Sentimental Cleaning

Our affiliate partner that specializes in carpet cleaning does amazing work. Sometimes at Sentimental Cleaning we get inquiries about carpet cleaning an are able to refer them to our affiliate partner for service. Sentimental Cleaning an its affiliate partner work closely with each other to ensure strong customer service and satisfaction. The carpet cleaning service … Read more

House cleaning tips 1 by Sentimental Cleaning

Who doesn’t feel better coming home to a clean, organized, clutter free house? Studies have shown that we feel more stressed an anxious when our homes are messy. Keeping our homes clean and tidy doesn’t have to be a chore. Sometimes we are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. So here are a few … Read more

Post construction clean ups by Sentimental Cleaning

Here at Sentimental Cleaning we do all types of cleanings from Basic Cleans to Construction Cleans and everything in between. Our post construction cleaning is our most intense cleaning. Normally in this type of cleaning the residence is a lot more dustier than normal from all the construction. On some occasions we suggest a 2 … Read more

Referral program by Sentimental Cleaning

Here at Sentimental Cleaning we feel like you should be rewarded for your referrals. This is why we introduced our cash back referral program where we give you 20.00 for each referral you give us that does a satisfactory cleaning. After the cleaning has been completed we give you 20.00. Its that simple. We know … Read more

Dawn dish soap by Sentimental Cleaning

Here at Sentimental Cleaning we use a variety of different products in our cleanings. We offer organic products as well as our traditional products. When it comes to fighting grease and grime our go to product for this is Dawn dish soap. We use this product which is an antibacterial product on cleaning cabinets, bath … Read more