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Charging by the hour by Sentimental Cleaning

When it comes down to price for house cleaning we charge based on square footage here at Sentimental Cleaning. This goes for all of our types of cleanings such as basic clean or deep clean for example. We will however charge for hour when the client might need help with just a kitchen or just a bathroom for the cleaning as an example. We charge a flat rate for each hour at 120.00 per hour. This comes with 1 cleaner for either a basic clean, deep clean, construction clean up or move in cleaning. One item equals 1 hour, 2 hours and sometimes 3 hours for the individual cleaning. We know that at Sentimental Cleaning we are fair, reasonable and honest when giving estimates. These traits are also part of our core values at Sentimental Cleaning. No matter what service you order you will receive flawless service with Sentimental Cleaning. Thank you for considering Sentimental Cleaning for your house or office related needs.