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Does the rising interest rate indirectly effect house cleaning by Sentimental Cleaning

In today’s market the rising interest rate has decreased buying power for many families looking to purchase real estate making the American Dream for home ownership nearly impossible. As a result less people are buying and selling real estate thus keeping the inventory of properties for sale very low. Moreover, with lack of inventory switching hands it indirectly effects the house cleaning industry, Sentimental Cleaning, who specializes in move in / out cleanings. Furthermore, it does not stop the ability for cleaning services to still offer deep cleans, basic cleans, air BNB, construction clean ups just move in / out cleanings. But with current economic conditions people are holding back from spending more and tightening up as prices of goods and services soar higher. As a result people are spending less on luxury services such as house cleaning. Overall this decreases the number of cleanings for Sentimental Cleaning. So in a nutshell the house cleaning industry is adversely affected by the lack of inventory for sale and the rising interest rate to blame.