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Clorox bleach by Sentimental Cleaning

Here at Sentimental Cleaning we use a variety of different cleaning products, some organic and plant friendly for our cleanings. Today id like to talk about a product we use in our basic clean, deep clean, move out, air BNB cleans. The product id like to share with you today is our Clorox bleach for toilet cleaning. It kills 99.9% of germs, discoloration and more. It coats the bowl to dissolve stains. It even has a friendly scent. This product I use the most on my deep cleans done primarily in San Diego. We do have a service provider in Los Angeles we use for house cleanings as well. When it comes to cleaning toilets most of us grunt at the fact its dirty and you have to clean it because your wife is making  you do the household chores. Don’t worry though men, with this product used your job will be 99.9% easier. I love this product for my deep cleans too on occasion. With a double scrub you’re sure to eliminate discoloration and stains. So if you want something that clings and rinses away for a sparkle clean toilet use Clorox with bleach. When you need a house cleaning done please give Sentimental Cleaning a call 619 800 8895.