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Sprayway glass cleaner used by Sentimental Cleaning

Here at Sentimental Cleaning we use a variety of different products for our house or commercial cleanings. Today Id like to talk about a window cleaning product that we use called Sprayway to clean are windows with. Window cleaning is important for any type of cleaning as it compliments the general cleaning and well its something we look out of or open. Don’t we all like clean windows? Sprayway is the worlds best glass cleaner. In fact it even says it on the bottle. Its foaming action leave a perfect shine and no streaks. It dries in seconds and provides you with clean windows. The product is ammonia free. It can be used on windows, mirrors, windshields and more. The company has been around since 1947. I feel this company has arguably the best window cleaning solution there is on todays market. I personally use this product on my windows for my commercial  and residential house cleanings. I really like the way it cleans windows. Its so much better than its top competitors. Its best used with a cotton cloth not paper towels. If you need a house or office cleaning done please give Sentimental Cleaning a call today at 619 800 8895.