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Luxury home cleaning by Sentimental Cleaning

Here at Sentimental Cleaning we pride ourselves by the fact we know how to clean! We have the experience, the knowhow, and the determination. When it comes to house cleanings no house is the same. We approach every house differently. No matter what type house we do all kinds of cleans such as basic cleans, deep cleans, move in cleans, air bnb cleans, construction clean up. When it does come to luxury homes they are not treated differently because people are paying higher dollar for the home. People have higher expectations for luxury home cleanings, true or false? Here at Sentimental Cleaning we offer the same quality of service for all types of homes. We charge the same amount of money for luxury homes and homes of lessor value if under the same square footage category. Do cleaning higher end homes bring more prestigious? Yes, absolutely. It is always an honor to clean a luxury home and to be a part of that process. Does that mean homes of lessor value aren’t fun to clean? No! All homes are equally as fun to clean for Sentimental Cleaning. The feeling we get from accomplishing a cleaning successfully is really gratifying. No matter the cost of the home! When it comes time for your next basic clean, deep clean or move in cleaning please consider Sentimental Cleaning for your house cleaning needs.