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Some do’s and don’ts of house cleaning by Sentimental Cleaning

Here at Sentimental Cleaning we strive for perfection to ensure every house cleaning we do is flawless. Some of the regular do’s and don’ts with respect to house cleaning are as follows: Do clean before disinfecting. This is a common practice here with Sentimental Cleaning. For all types of cleanings such basic clean, deep clean, or move out cleans we always clean before disinfecting. Don’t worry about time when it comes to cleaning. Here at Sentimental Cleaning we do not charge clients by the hour so you can rest assure that our cleaners are not being rushed at all or dragging things out. Does direction matter when it comes to cleaning? Yes! Do practice cleaning from top to bottom. If things fall from the top its easier to clean up once versus starting from the bottom and cleaning up even longer. These are just a few tips to help you with your house cleanings. When considering your next house cleaning please consider Sentimental Cleaning for all types of cleanings. We embrace the opportunity to assist you.