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Vinegar use by Sentimental Cleaning

Distilled white vinegar is great at cleaning windows leaving them streak free. It is also great for cleaning hard water stains off showers. Say goodbye to chemicals and say hello to vinegar. Albeit white vinegar doesn’t work on everything. When cleaning countertops you want to keep them looking beautiful right? But don’t use vinegar on them. The acid etches and dulls natural stone such as marble and limestone. It can slowly dissolve them. Instead Sentimental Cleaning encourages you to use soap and water with a nice cloth wiping the surface gently back and forth. We use vinegar in all our cleanings such as basic cleans, deep cleans, move in cleans, construction clean ups and more. When it comes to hardwood floors is it safe to use vinegar? Vinegar can dissolve the finish that protects the wood and leave it looking cloudy, dull, or scratched. All in all vinegar can be a great product to use when used carefully and correctly. When you need a house cleaning done please consider Sentimental Cleaning.